Songtext "Swinging Island"

I guess your soul went through a stage
your steamboat sailed at dawn
you're hiding from the human race
just walking all alone

And nobody can carry you
back where you once belonged
a disappointed branded fool
blowed it and it's gone
blowed it and it's gone

On a swinging island
I'll find you in the surf one day
don't fade away
You still have the dream but no will to try
while life is rolling by
On a swinging island
the tide will sound
and I'll build my love around you
then you'll be an island too

It took a long time coming down here
hold on and take your place
we need to pick up some ice cold beer
hang our heads and steal away

So if you close your eyes at night
remember I'll be there
waiting under the hazy moon
in my old easy chair
in my old easy chair

Words & Music: D. Holesch - H. Flemming